Introducing Prophecy Data Copilot

Neeraj Sabharwal
2 min readJun 22


Generative AI and LLMs usher in a new era of productivity

Language is indeed our most natural form of communication. It allows us to express our thoughts, ideas, and intentions effectively. It is through language that we convey information, share knowledge, and engage in meaningful conversations. Recently, generative AI has showcased its ability to take those natural language inputs and produce a wide range of outputs, such as text responses (ChatGPT), images (DallE), videos, and even code (GitHub Copilot).

Imagine a future where you can simply describe your data requirements in natural language, and the LLM understands and constructs the necessary data pipeline to fulfill those needs. This would enable a broader range of individuals to create and iterate on data pipelines effortlessly, without being constrained by technical complexities. The natural language interface would serve as a bridge between users and the underlying infrastructure, democratizing data pipeline creation and enhancing productivity across the board.

This is exactly our vision and the future Prophecy is building for.


  1. Expertise: Data Copilot allows individuals with varying levels of technical proficiency, including business users, to create data pipelines without the need for extensive coding knowledge.
  2. Efficiency: Data Copilot automates and accelerates pipeline creation by generating configurations based on natural language descriptions.
  3. Quality: Data Copilot improves pipeline quality by providing intelligent recommendations for transformations and column expressions.
  4. Collaboration: Data Copilot fosters collaboration by enabling all data users across different roles and skill levels to contribute to pipeline creation.
  5. Data use. Data Copilot prevents the misuse of data by automatically generating descriptions for data pipelines and datasets.



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