Privacera deployment using AKS and Helm

az login → configure azure cli with your account

brew install helm (I used brew in my mac)

Verify az cli, kubectl and helm version

1 — MariaDB

2 — Zookeeper

3 — Solr

4 — Portal

5 — Ranger → click or search Kubernetes Services
Create Kubernetes Cluster

az aks get-credentials — resource-group ${RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME} — name ${CLUSTER_NAME}

kubectl get nodes

doc_uname= docker hub username
dock_password= docker hub password

Copy and paste the above parameters in your shell

helm repo add privacera ${helm_repo_url} — username ${helm_repo_uname} — password ${helm_repo_pwd}
“privacera” has been added to your repositories

helm search repo privacera/

neeraj_mac:~ neerajsab$ kubectl get namespace
default Active 15m
kube-node-lease Active 15m
kube-public Active 15m
kube-system Active 15m
neeraj_mac:~ neerajsab$ NS=ns-blog-namespace
neeraj_mac:~ neerajsab$ kubectl create namespace $NS
namespace/ns-blog-namespace created
neeraj_mac:~ neerajsab$ kubectl get namespace
default Active 16m
kube-node-lease Active 16m
kube-public Active 16m
kube-system Active 16m
ns-blog-namespace Active 4s
neeraj_mac:~ neerajsab$

neeraj_mac:~ neerajsab$ kubectl create secret -n $NS docker-registry regcred — docker-server=<get this from privacera> — docker-username=${doc_uname} — docker-password=${doc_password}
secret/regcred created
neeraj_mac:~ neerajsab$

helm repo add stable

helm repo update

helm install stakater stable/reloader — set reloader.watchGlobally=false — namespace $NS

helm -n $NS install zk privacera/zookeeper -f $helm_config_path/zk.yml

kubectl -n $NS get pods

helm -n $NS install mariadb privacera/mariadb

helm search repo privacera/solr

helm -n $NS install solr privacera/solr -f $helm_config_path/solr.yml

kubectl exec -it -n $NS solr-1 -- bash -c "/opt/solr/bin/solr create -c ranger_audits -n ranger_audits -s 1 -rf 1"

helm search repo privacera/portal

helm -n $NS install portal privacera/portal -f ${helm_config_path}/portal.yml

helm search repo privacera/ranger

helm -n $NS install ranger privacera/ranger -f ${helm_config_path}/ranger.yml

kubectl -n $NS get svc



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