Why Large Language Models Like ChatGPT Are Scary And Also Useful

Neeraj Sabharwal
1 min readJul 24


Why Are LLMs Scary?

There are different things about these AI-powered tools that people are scared of. ChatGPT in particular had to undergo extensive training with a massive data set of text, including articles, websites, blogs and much more.

1. Creating The Same Responses As Humans

LLMs’ algorithms allow you to get the same response as humans since they can create relevant answers. Though it might sound like an impressive option from a technological point of view, they can make you feel like you’re talking to a real person.

2. Chances For Misuse

Though LLMs are mainly used for legitimate purposes, they can lead to the potential for misuse. People with ill intentions can use it to carry out cyberattacks, use them for identity theft and have them even create fake news. This will likely lead to the necessity of regulations surrounding LLMs.

3. No Emotional Touch

While LLMs might generate responses more or less like humans, it doesn’t mean they understand human emotions or values. After all, they rely on artificial intelligence and machine-based algorithms.

How Can LLMs Be Useful?

Let’s discuss some of the potential benefits of LLMs.



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